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What Group Fitness Does for Your Motivation

How often do you egg yourself on, motivating yourself to run faster, walk a little further, or do a few more press-ups? If the answer is “not very often,” then it’s similar to many other people trying to get fit and healthy on their own as well. Motivation is hard to find if you aren’t involved in a group fitness class. But, what does motivation mean, and what does having it do for you?

Helps You Lose Weight

If you are looking to not only get fit but lose weight, then putting your training shoes on and being a part of a group fitness session can help. While running around the block and eating healthy on your own will also be beneficial, group fitness classes such as spin cycles, track running, BodyBalance and BodyAttack can accelerate the process. You are surrounded by others on the same journey as you, so you’re able to be motivated by their progress to get the same results for yourself.

Stay on The Bandwagon

If sweet treats and deep-fried food is your downfall, then you may struggle to keep your hands off it. However, that small voice in the back of your mind often tells you “you just went for that big run, you deserve that custard square”. In reality, you are undoing all that hard work. If you are a part of a group fitness class, however, you want others to see your success, and you don’t want to fall behind in your weight loss and fitness goals. You are more likely to stay on the bandwagon as a result.

Be Consistent

Many people start off exercising with a rip, roar, and a bang. After a week of six am runs, they can quickly lose that gusto and fall back into their old ways. There are many group fitness activities such as Grit Strength and Sh’Bam, that can help you remain consistent. You will have set times, days, and hours every week for exercise, meaning that your weight won’t go up and down like a yo-yo.

Motivation can be many things for many people, but you find you have far more of it when you are involved in a group environment. Step out of your comfort zone and join a class of like-minded people looking for the same results as you. You may find it’s the best choice you ever made for yourself.