Have You Been Using Weights Wrong This Entire Time?

Staying fit and getting healthy is not a five-minute job. It can take weeks to notice any results, and even longer if you aren’t carrying out exercises correctly. If you’ve decided to include weights into your workout to help with staying fit and building strength, then you might be making these mistakes.

You Tire Yourself Out with Cardio First

Including cardio in your workout regime is a good idea, but there has to be a healthy balance if you’re also weight training. Many people spend a significant amount of time doing cardio workouts, leaving weight training to almost be an afterthought. If you’ve tired yourself out with too much cardio, you’re less likely to put as much effort into weight training. Next time you work out, start with weight training before moving on to cardio and see if you notice a difference in your stamina.

You Rush

By speeding through your weight reps, you may think you’re able to build muscles in a shorter space of time, but momentum is helping the clock rather than benefiting your body. If you don’t slow down and let your muscles expand and contract, you’re not able to benefit from the weight training nearly as much. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to using weights.

You Don’t Warm Up

Before you carry out any exercises, you need to warm up your muscles. Weight training is no exception to the rule. If you don’t warm your muscles up before tackling those heavy weights, you are more at risk of injury. What’s more, you may find your muscles aren’t as flexible either. Before you pick up those weights, do some arm stretches. You can get the blood flowing and be ready for action.

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