Stop Damaging your Jewellery with These Tips

When you decide to visit a jewellery store and purchase new jewellery for yourself or a loved one, it’s not a decision you make lightly. Instead, you get plenty of advice and help from a jeweller, as well as investing a significant amount of money in an item that will last you a lifetime.

However, like most things, you can damage jewellery – even unintentionally. If you want to reduce the risk so you can keep your precious possessions in tip-top condition, pay attention to these tips below.

Don’t Wear it in Water

As most jewellers will tell you, wearing your jewellery in water can have a range of consequences – depending on the water. If you wear it in a swimming pool or spa pool, the chlorine can weaken settings while discolouring and damaging metals. What’s more, if your jewellery has gemstones, it can ruin the polish and finish. Salt water can also be harmful. As soon as you decide it’s time for a swim, take off all your jewellery and leave them at home – they will be safer there anyway.

Keep it Out of Sunlight

Australia knows how to put on a decent summer, which can be great for your tan but not so great for your jewellery. According to many jewellers, direct sunlight can bleach materials, plastics, and natural elements. To avoid the risk of damaging your rings, necklaces, and other items, don’t store them in direct sunlight.

Be Careful What You Put on Your Hands

Whether you’re gardening in bare hands or are applying lotion or sprays, be wary of what you have on your fingers. Any cream or dirt can get into the crevices of your jewellery which can be damaging. Soil is also very abrasive, while lotions can leave sticky film residue over your diamonds, making them look dull and drab.

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