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Common Misconceptions About Laser Eye Surgery

If you have ever thought about laser eye surgery from, you may have stumbled across some information on the internet that scared you. It might have even scared you to the point of not wanting to consider the surgery anymore!

However, not everything you read on the internet is accurate. We’re here to debunk some of the more common misconceptions about laser eye surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery Hurts

It doesn’t. Most people who undertake any form of laser eye surgery say they either feel nothing or just minor pressure. Before the procedure, you may also be given numbing eye drops to ensure the entire procedure is as painless as possible.

Healing From Laser Eye Surgery Takes Ages

You will never be 100 percent after any surgery, but the recovery period for laser surgery is remarkably quick. Within 24 hours, you can almost be back to your regular daily routine. 

Your eye specialist will advise you about any short-term changes you may need to make, such as not driving for 24 hours and not reading or watching TV immediately after the procedure. 

Laser Eye Surgery Can Make You Go Blind

According to the American Refractive Surgery Council, there have been no cases of blindness from LASIK surgery. That should give you complete peace of mind that that risk is incredibly low. 

It’s Safer to Wear Contact Lenses

Even though contact lenses are a convenient alternative to glasses, they are not necessarily safer than laser eye surgery. Research has shown that the infection risk of contact use is higher than that of surgery. In fact, one in every 100 people can develop a severe eye infection from incorrect wearing and cleaning habits. 

In contrast, only one person in every 1,500 will experience an infection after laser eye surgery, which is easily treated. 

Laser Eye Surgery Is Risky

When you seek laser eye surgery from reputable eye specialists, any risks are low. LASIK surgery, in particular, is one of the safest elective procedures we have today. According to studies by the FDA, 99% of patients who underwent LASIK surgery said they would recommend it to friends and family.

It’s Only Suitable For People of a Certain Age

While it’s true that laser surgery is only suitable for people of a certain age, that age group is broad. If you are between the ages of 18 and 75, you may be eligible for laser eye surgery.

Your Prescription Has to Be Stable For Laser Eye Surgery

Once again, that’s a myth! While eye specialists will examine your prescription, it doesn’t have to be stable. Talk to your eye specialist about any concerns you may have.

Laser Eye Surgery Doesn’t Last Long

People opt for laser eye surgery to not have to deal with the hassle of glasses or contacts. Some people in specific lines of work may even find that their jobs are hindered by not having excellent eyesight.

Laser eye surgery actually lasts for an extended period. Everyone is different, but your eyesight can remain brilliant for decades after a LASIK procedure.

There is a lot of misinformation to work through when you start looking for information about laser eye surgery. One of your best sources of information is going to be an eye specialist. Why not contact one today to find out more?