Most Romantic Destinations for Couples

Whether you’re on your honeymoon or you and your significant other just want a break, you will find many countries are catering to the loved-up couple. However, choosing only one can be challenging. Do you want to check into luxury Bali villas, or check out world-famous cuisine? If you’re not sure where the ultimate romantic holiday destination is, check out these five options below.

The Maldives

If you want to experience an exciting and vibrant city, yet you still want to dip your feet in the ocean and sun yourself on white sand beaches, The Maldives offer both. This romantic hotspot is a hive of activity for any couple looking to experience a memorable holiday like no other. You can relax on white sandy beaches, go diving or snorkelling in crystal clear water, or go shopping in the various colourful shops dotted around the city centre. What’s more, you can then choose from many different luxurious accommodation options to complete the picture.

Bali, Indonesia

If you and your loved one are always looking to try something new, then a trip to Bali, Indonesia is a must. While you get to enjoy luxury Bali villas, trips to the beach, and hiking various landscapes, you can also soak up plenty of culture. Bali is the epitome of cultural experience, enabling you to try new foods, meet new people, and enjoy a romantic and luxurious location that lures thousands of tourists every year.

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5 Must-Dos Before You Travel

Sometimes the excitement of getting to stay in luxury Bali villas and sunbathe on white sandy beaches can make pre-holiday preparations fall by the wayside. However, once you’ve booked those airline tickets and are getting ready to pack, there are several things you must do. Don’t forget to arrange these crucial things below.

Arrange Travel Documentation

Whether you plan on going to Bali or somewhere further afield, you may find that you require more travel documentation than you think. You may need to arrange a Visa, insurance documents, and proof of any vaccinations necessary as well.

If you’re not sure what you may require before entering a specific country, be sure to do your research. After all, there could be nothing more disheartening than arriving at the airport only to find you don’t have all the necessary paperwork to leave the country.

Book Pets into Accommodation

When you’re busy thumbing through the pages of travel magazines looking at pictures of luxury Bali villas and finding things to do, it’s easy to forget about your pets. While cats, dogs, and feathered friends make up a considerable part of our lives, they still need to be cared for when you’re away. Therefore, weeks in advance, it’s best to book them into kennels, catteries, and other accommodation facilities, or arrange for someone to pet sit.

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Vacationers Share Their Favourite Things to do in Bali

Bali vacationers never have to worry about being bored. There’s no question that there is plenty to see and do around the island, when outside your Bali villa. In fact, just recently vacationers shared their favourite things to do while in Bali.

#1 Tirta Empul Temple

Located 30 minutes north of Ubud, Tirtra Empul Temple isn’t the largest or most impressive temple but it offers a unique serenity that’s hard to find in other temples. This is an active prayer site and it also offers numerous shrines on the premises. “This temple is truly beautiful, and it’s money worth spending.”

#2 Elephant Safari Park

If you have come all the way to Bali, you certainly want to take in this amazing adventure, for this really is a once in a lifetime experience. The Elephant Safari is located north of Kuta, and is open to the public during the day. There are a number of packages you can choose from.

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Bali Sees Recent Increases in Chinese Tourists

According to a recent news reports, to enjoy increases in the number of Chinese tourists. However, while Chinese tourists are on the rise, there has been a drop in the number of European tourists making their way to Bali.

According to recent statistics released by the provincial statistics agency, in October of 2012 there was a 49% increase in the Chinese tourists for the month, translating to 32,245 people monthly. In October, the Chinese tourists made up 12.64% of the total tourist arrivals to Bali during October, which saw a total of 255,021 visitors.

Bali Statistics Agency recently told the Jakarta Post that the reason Chinese tourism is on the rise is because the economic growth occurring in China and because of the downturn in the European economy, the number of European tourists is on the decline.

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