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Classic Australian Dishes for Guests

Entertaining friends and family can be quite exciting. You get to read different recipes, stock up on wine, and get creative with food. What better way to spend your free time?

The problem is, coming up with classic dishes that everyone loves is not always easy. However, when it comes to traditional Australian dishes, some stand out from the crowd. Some of these options below are bound to be favourites with all your guests.

Meat Pies

If you’re not that creative in the kitchen, but need to feed a lot of people, then you can’t go wrong with meat pies. It’s true that in Australia, meat pies are small pies you pick up from your local bakery or service station. In saying that, you can create family-sized ones with a twist.

Add vegetables, a delicious homemade gravy, and a delectable puff pastry. Meat pies also have a lot of room for error, so even if you don’t make it perfect, it’s still bound to be a crowd favourite.

Fish and Chips

Not everyone loves scouring the internet for new recipes and trying new things. Sometimes, even trying new foods can be challenging enough. If you don’t consider yourself a culinary expert, you can’t go wrong with fish and chips.

But rather than pick them up from your local takeaway business, make them yourself. Purchase fresh fish, whip up a refreshing salad, and create hand-cut chips from potatoes or sweet potato.

The best thing about homemade fish and chips is that it’s an affordable, easy option that is almost impossible to get wrong. You can even serve the fish in different ways, such as pan-fried, grilled, oven-baked, or battered and deep-fried.


Whether you’re not a food expert or you’ve run out of time to get creative with recipes, you can’t go wrong with burgers. You won’t find too many people who will turn their nose up at them, either. Burgers are something that each guest to your home can prepare to their liking.

Offer different options like vegetarian patties, chicken, fish, and beef. You can then slice and dice various fillings like onion, beetroot, egg, hashbrowns, lettuce, cheese, and tomato.

Pork Belly with Apples

If it has been some time since you flexed your culinary muscles, then there are few better dishes to do so with than pork belly with apples. Pork belly is something you can cook slowly throughout the day, then finish off at the end with crispy crackling. When paired with an apple sauce, it’s a delicious dish that can feed many people.

Chicken Parmigiana

You won’t find too many Aussie pubs that don’t serve chicken parmigiana, so why not bring it home? Chicken parmigiana consists of crumbed chicken schnitzel with a tomato sauce and cheese on top. You can then pair it with a side salad for an easy meal.

Feeding a large family or guests is not always the most straightforward task, but it can be. Get creative with Aussie classics, and you’ll be excited about spending more in the kitchen.