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What is the Best Fitness Apparel?

Getting fit and staying fit can take a considerable amount of effort and motivation. However, did you know your clothing can play a part in the effectiveness of your routine as well? Contrary to popular belief, heading out in your ratty old t-shirt and shorts is not going to spell a decent workout. In fact, you’re bound to come home sweaty, uncomfortable, irritated, and vowing never to wear those clothes again. Here’s how you can choose the best fitness apparel for a better workout experience.


During your workout, you’re bound to work up a decent sweat. That is, after all, the purpose. However, the last thing you want is for that sweat to soak into your clothing, making you wet, uncomfortable, and a little bit smelly. Instead of wearing a casual tee for your workout, you need to instead purchase clothing that breathes and has wicking abilities.

Most retail shops that sell activewear have a special section for such clothing, featuring lycra and polyester blends. Not only are these fabric types perfect for accentuating your curves and being comfortable and freeing to wear, but they can wick away moisture as well. Even when you find yourself sweating heavily, lycra clothing dries far quicker than cotton.


Getting fit and staying fit can take far more effort than usual if you’re not comfortable during your workout. While, of course, you’re going to be pushed and challenged like never before, you don’t want part of that challenge to be trying to remain comfortable in your clothing.

If your clothes are too big, too small, keep falling down or they don’t support parts of your body well, you’ll find more of your effort goes on rearranging your apparel rather than focusing on the workout. When you go shopping, try to find clothing that fits snugly, features spandex or similar material, and is non-abrasive.


For some years, those looking at staying fit were quite happy to go walking in their everyday pants and a sweater. After all, there weren’t many other options. Today, however, there are options aplenty for finding clothing to suit every workout routine and every activity. Rather than opt for basic tees and shorts, you can choose clothing that’s designed to protect you from UV rays when you’re outside, or even has fluorescent components. Having high-visibility stripes can help you to remain seen when exercising at night.

If you’re interested in clothing that’s continually being developed, visiting a sports retailer is a good idea. They can point you in the right direction of apparel that will tie in with your goals of getting fit and staying fit, but comfortably.

Your everyday clothing, while suitable for lounging around home or going to work, is not going to be ideal for a workout session. Choose comfortable, technologically-advanced and breathable fitness apparel that will see you benefit from a far more comfortable workout.