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The Advantages of Having a Bridal Party

Most bridal parties consist of at least six bridesmaids, and even up to 12 or more in some cases. However, given the need to extend the hand of thanks in the form of bridesmaids gifts, it’s often in your best interests to keep numbers quite conservative.

Some brides-to-be, while crunching numbers, may think they can side-step having a bridal party altogether. After all, it can be another cost. In saying that, having a bridal party has more advantages than you think, so here are a few reasons why you should have one.

Support When You Need It

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time, especially if it involves bringing two families together who may not get along. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, stressed, or ready for a breakdown, your bridal party will be on-hand with tissues and helpful words of advice to see you through.

If you didn’t have your girls around you, it could be quite an isolating experience. In fact, you’d be left to battle the parents-in-law and estranged cousins on your own. Modern-day bridesmaids well and truly deserve bridesmaids gifts of luxury for all they do.

Delegate Tasks

There are that many things to do in the lead-up to your wedding that checklist books and 12-month calendars exist. Planning your wedding is a mammoth task and not one that any bride or groom could handle on their own. If you need someone to come to cake tasting with you, pick up the dresses, talk to the caterer or arrange seating hire, your bridal party is the dynamic team to call. When you have a bridal party, you’re able to delegate those crucial yet troublesome tasks you’d otherwise have to find time for.

Second Opinions

For major decisions, it’s never a good idea to make them on your own. Of course, you know in your own mind what you want, but sometimes a second opinion or an unbiased view can be helpful in knowing you made the right call or changing your mind. It could be something as detrimental as your wedding dress, or even something as minor as table runners. Second opinions from your bridal party are invaluable.

People to Share Your Memorable Moments

Your special day can often not so much be about the moment you say “I Do” but about the people who helped the day come to life, and who shared every moment with you. If you say “no” to a bridal party and plan the entire affair yourself, you will have no heart-warming memories apart from when it all comes together. However, you also run the risk of it being not everything you wanted purely because one person can’t handle the task alone.

Bridesmaids play such a significant role in your wedding and are deserving of your gratitude and of course, bridesmaids gifts. Without a bridal party, it can be challenging to put together a wedding – be it large or small. Share the load, share some laughs, and invite your nearest and dearest to form your bridal party for the most memorable wedding.