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Banish Eye Bags for Good

A lack of sleep can do more to us than just make us tired and irritable. We can also look like we haven’t had enough sleep either. When the bags under your eyes are so big they now look like suitcases, and you don’t have time to nap them away, then consider any of these natural remedies below. Removing the evidence of no sleep is not as hard as you may think.


You see it in the movies all the time – someone in a white dressing gown with a green or white face mask, and those signature cucumber slices over their eyes. There’s a reason this method of undereye bag treatment is so popular; it’s because it works. If you don’t want to subject your skin to toxic creams, lotions, and potions, reach for the cucumber and experience pure relief.

Cucumbers are packed full of anti-inflammatory properties, and as a result, you benefit from reduced swelling, puffiness and droopiness around your eyes. Just cut two slices of cucumber straight from the fridge, put them on your eyes, and relax for half an hour. When you take them off, you’ll be amazed at the results.

Green Tea

Everyone knows that green tea is exceptionally good for your health on the inside, but did you know it’s good for the outside as well? By chilling steeped green tea bags and placing them over your eyes, you can notice a dramatic difference in the prevalence of undereye bags. What’s more, it’s a 100 percent natural remedy, using items you typically have in your home at any time. In essence, it won’t cost you a cent!


If your under eye bags aren’t a “one-off” problem, and you’re more likely to experience them than not, it might be time to start a regular eye bag treatment regime. The best product to do this with is milk. While you will have to find an extra half an hour in your day to make this effective, it’s worth it if the result is beautiful bag-less eyes.

Take the milk out of your fridge – standard cow’s milk will do – and dip cotton pads into it. Place it over your eyes for half an hour, then take them off. Milk helps to remove water retention while making your eyes feel fresher and more vibrant in the process.


Not all effective eye bag remedies are food products, and this spoon method is a testament to that. Either put teaspoons in the freezer or a glass of ice water and place each teaspoon over your eyes. Once they lose their icy freshness, add them back to the water or grab fresh spoons from the freezer, and keep going. Twenty minutes of teaspoon treatment should be sufficient to see results.

No one wants to look as tired as they feel, especially when colleagues, friends, and family, comment on it. Win the battle against bags by trying any of these methods above. At least one is sure to work for you.